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Curriculum Department

Mrs. Angela Linn, Curriculum Director

District Office, 305 N. Washington Ave. 

As the Director of curriculum and instruction, I oversee the educational aspects of the school district. This includes selecting curricula, monitoring student performance data, training  and collaborating with teachers, and keeping the superintendent and school board informed on these issues. (For more information, click on my name and title above.) 

Coaching is a non-evaluative learning relationship, sharing the common goal of improved student achievement.

An Instructional Coach is a...

  • Resource Person
  • Partner
  • Personalized Support
  • Voice for the Teachers
Jenna Higginbotham

Mrs. Jenna Higginbotham, Instructional Coach

Central Office




Mrs. Briana Curry, Instructional Coach

Central Office




Areas We May Be of Assistance

SMARTboard Training

6 Trait Writing

Modeling Lessons

Team Teaching

Language Arts and Math Strategies 

Classroom Management Strategies

Kagan Cooperative Learning

Using Data to Differentiate Instruction

Student Engagement