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Education Apps:

Explore the education apps listed below:

Template Gallery: Gain access to your personal, domain, or public Google documents templates.

Kaizena: Add spoken feedback to student work by using this voice feature app.

Music Player for Google Drive: Play music and audio files in Drive.

Mindmeister: Create, edit, and share mind maps.

Powtoon Edu: Create engaging animations and presentations using a comic strip app.

We Video: Edit videos in the browser.

Geogebra: Useful application for use with geometry, algebra, statistics, and more.

RealTime Board: Create mindmaps, Gantt charts, timelines, project planners, story maps and more with collaborative features in real time.

Voice commenting adds a different type of engagement in a Google Doc.Kaizena is one such tool that allows you to leave voice recordings, text comments, and other resources.