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Student Links

*Image from the National Crime Prevention Council website.

Resources for Students

Faux Paw the Techno Cat internet safety series for children

Meet Faux Paw, the Web­surfing Techno Cat, who teaches young children the safe and responsible use of technology through stories developed in collaboration with child psychologists, educators and law enforcement. Faux Paw is brought to you by iKeepSafe. The four Faux Paw storybooks and animated films may bedownloaded at no cost.

Video series about managing your online reputation and keeping safe

Connect Safely has created a series of videos about online safety with a character called Kate. Follow the links below to watch these on YouTube.

  • Kate’s Very Public Party: Kate learns that party photos can wind up online and be seen by – of all people – her own parents.
  • Kate’s Reputation Problem: Kate doesn’t get a job she wanted because of a video her would-be employer saw on the web.
  • Is Kate a Web Addict?: Kate’s experience shows that the amount of time kids should spend online isn’t black & white (even though the video is!).

Ad Council’s Beware What You Share campaign

The Ad Council’s Internet Safety Coalition has developed a creative campaign for teaching kids to ‘Beware What You Share,’ by likening an online post to something worn on a shirt the next day. The materials remind teens that online actions can have real world consequences.


Opportunities for Students