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Remote Learning Plan Change

Posted Date: 09/30/2020

Remote Learning Plan Change

September 28, 2020

Dear Parents,

We are very excited that our Learning Plan for on-site and remote instruction has been in place for 5 weeks now. We have worked diligently to keep our students and staff safe, keep our buildings clean, transport our students safely, and make sure that they are being fed, as well as continuing with learning!

Along with these successes, we are very aware of the challenges that switching between remote and on-site learning has created for our staff members and some students. We are hoping to provide more stability for remote learners, on-site learners, and our teachers by amending our Rigorous Remote Learning Plan. We are asking parents to decide which learning option (remote learning or on-site learning) by October 9th for the duration of the 2nd nine weeks. After October 9th, this choice will stay in effect until the end of the semester.

Our goal is to provide stability in the classroom for on-site and remote instruction. We hope this consistency will result in better learning for all. 

If you would like for your child to switch their learning plan, please contact your building administration by October 9th. They will assist in making the switch for 2nd nine weeks, which begins October 16th.




Mr. Stacey Fager

USD 257-Iola

Superintendent of Schools