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BOE Appreciation: Doug Dunlap

Posted Date: 01/25/2021

BOE Appreciation: Doug Dunlap


January is school board appreciation month. We will be recognizing each of our board members during the last few weeks of January. For those unaware, serving on the school board is a significant volunteer time commitment. This year has truly highlighted the important role that they play. Decisions affect a lot of people and each of our members carefully considers each issue. We are thankful for their guidance!

Today's board member is Doug Dunlap. Doug joined the school board 14 years ago, in 2007, and has worked with 4 different superintendents! When Doug joined the board he was married to Christine, with two step kids, Ron and Brooke, and a son Bobby. Doug is currently divorced. He is very proud of his children, Ron lives in Kansas City and does tech support, Brooke is married and has two children, Cameron and Wade. She lives in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Bobby splits his time between Iola and Kansas City where his mom lives. 

Doug was asked by his neighbor, Mary Kay Heard, to run for school board. At the time he had a child in the elementary, middle, and high school and it seemed like a good way to serve his community. Doug has many fond memories while serving on the school board. One of the board members he served with, Buck Quincy, was quite a character. You never knew what was going to come out of his mouth, but most of the time it was pretty funny. Mr. Quincy was also the only teacher that ever gave Doug a swat when he was in school at Iola. Another bright spot in the job has been handing the high school diploma to all three of his kids! 

Thank you, Doug, for your time, energy, and expertise in serving our school board.